KKR Team

    KKR Team

    My name is preeti naamdev
    Since my childhood I love to cook and think of unique and creative recipes and that's why I'm finally following my passion for cooking , I know it's just a beginning but without the beginning you can't reach your destination.
    Why khushikirasoi
    Because I want everyone if you are making something then made that dish with happiness and full determination and if someone taste that food , then that food should bring smile to their face .
    If you have any doubts feel free to contact me

    Sesame Barfi: Be it Makar Sankranti or Lohri festival, sweeten the mouth of your loved ones with Sesame Barfi

    तिल की बर्फी: मकर संक्रांति हो या लोहड़ी का त्योहार, तिल की बर्फी से अपने चाहने वालों का मुंह मीठा करें

    तिल की बर्फी: लोहड़ी और मकरसंक्रांति, हर्ष और उल्लास के त्योहार जल्द ही आने वाले हैं। इस दिन खासकर उत्तर...

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