07 aug, 2022

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is poised to win Tuesday's primary

 Dorlise Brown is the sort of Wisconsin citizen who could give incumbent GOP Johnson inconvenience this year.

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The 48-year-old teacher in Kenosha is an independent who has typically leaned Republican. 

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Johnson has been down in the polls before and made a comeback just in time for the election. 

Johnson in jeopardy

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A few factors seem to be contributing to a decline in Johnson's approval ratings, based on polling and voter feedback:

Johnson's headwinds include

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Awaiting Johnson on the other side of the primary is Democratic frontrunner, Barnes, who's expected to win his primary after rivals bowed out.

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Johnson, who did not respond to an interview request from USA TODAY, set a self-imposed, two-term limit that he retracted in January

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Despite Johnson's flagging approval ratings, Johnson trails by only 2 points, to Barnes, according to the Marquette poll. 

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 "If the Republican Party is not unified, it could mean more problems for Johnson."

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