How to secretly read WhatsApp message without letting the sender know

there are few ways to read messages without letting the sender know. These tips can be used for both Android as well as iOS users.

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As soon as you receive the WhatsApp message notification, just slide down the notification bar and read or take a peek into the received message.

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'WhatsApp Pop-ups' is one of the coolest yet least used features from WhatsApp. The feature helps users to see WhatsApp popup notifications along with message notifications.

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To enable WhatsApp Pop-ups: Open the WhatsApp setting > select Notifications> turn on the Pop-up Notification option.

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 Then, select one of the three options that are shown when you click on the message notification: Only when the screen is "off", Always show pop-up, or Only when screen is "on

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2. When you receive the message, just turn on Airplane mode and open the app to read the messages.

3. WhatsApp also offers Widgets to enhance the user experience on Android phones. You can just place the WhatsApp widget on your home screen and read all messages without opening the app

 If you don't want to let the sender know that you are reading his messages, disabling read receipts is one of the simplest solutions.

 Go to WhatsApp Settings> Open Accounts> Privacy> turn off the read receipt., WhatsApp blue tick will be only visible if the recipient opens the app to read a text or view the received media file.